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Top 7 Fall Dresses You Need To Have in Your Wardrobe

Top 7 Fall Dresses You Need To Have in Your Wardrobe

Dress yourself… Fall is coming. 

But not the Westeros kind (GOT anyone?). We are talking about la mode, baby!!!

Just because the sundress season is gone doesn’t mean you cannot style and look your best. So, how are you going to achieve your GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, & BREATHTAKING look

Of course, with, Fall Dresses. 

But why these? Honey, it is getting cold out there, colder than your ex’s heart, okay? Also, you’ll have a HUGE advantage because you won’t need to wax your legs (except for mini dresses). It is a win-win situation.

So, if you are a winter-loving fashion diva, then you’ll love these stunning fall dresses for women. However, if you are not a fan of winter (looking at you Texans and Arizonans), you’ll become one after seeing these. 

Let’s get into it!

Winter Dressing Rules You Should Know

Before we experience the warmth of top fall dresses, you should know some rules about fall dressing. These tips will help you dress better and warm the place with your enchanting presence! 

Boots Are Your Friend

We understand heels have always been there for you. Whenever you needed a go-to footwear for your dress, you relied on good ol’ heels. But sweetheart, just like the trees learn to let go of their leaves to survive the harsh winters, you need to let go of your heels and opt for long boots (unless you are an evergreen tree, those things are gangsters). 

Boots are comfy and cozy. Plus, you can create a very unique look with fall midi dresses. 

Sweater + Mini Dress = Magic

Okay, let us set the stage for you. 

It’s late in the evening, and the club is popping.

Here comes a Benz outside. 

Your chauffeur opens the door. 

You step out wearing a hot mini dress with a cardigan or sweater on top. 

You’ll be the highlight of the night, and you will feel cozier than when you are in a warm bed during a thunderstorm. Don’t believe us? Just look how Kendall Jenner is blessing everyone with her sweater and mini dress presence. 

While you can also opt for sweater dresses for fall, we think this is a much more stylish approach.

Royalty-Free Royalty with Long Coats

While we can go on and on why you should wear a long coat with fall dresses, it’ll be better if we just show you. Just look at Kate Middleton looking absolutely stunning and Royal here. She knows how to look healthy. Also, she is Princess of Wales, so that’s that. 

Limit Your Sequins

These tiny, shiny things are tough to control. The amount of sequins you have on your dress can mean the difference between a classy look and a fashion disaster. Please note that we do not want you to stop wearing outfits with sequins. Just limit them this fall because we don’t want them to fall (we are keeping this pun). 

Get Seen in a Theme

While choosing a handbag or shoes, we recommend you stick to a theme this fall. Contrasting or complementing colors will help you appear complete. You can also pull of an entire outfit in just one color. Maybe floral is your theme. Whatever you choose, make sure you think about your outfit. 

7 Wonders of Fall Dresses

The truth is your wardrobe will never be COMPLETE. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make it better. These dresses will make you fall for fall (aha?).

1. Jump in Fashion with Jumpsuit 

Girl, if someone tells you, “jumpsuits are not dresses,” they can shut it. Because you’ll be feeling confident and comfortable wearing these. Also, if you add a cardigan or a long coat on top, you’ll be cozy as well. 

While there are a lot of fall jumpsuits to choose from, we recommend STYLE 88135. It is stylish and can be worn to both casual and formal events. 

2. Long Sleeves for Sophistication 

The two greatest things about fall are pumpkin spice lattes and long sleeve fall dresses. Unlike summers you can easily wear them without them irritating you. Also they add a touch of sophistication that just cannot be matched with sleeveless dresses. Just imagine wearing an amazing STYLE 88020 dress with long boots. It's just STUNNING!

3. The Off-shoulder Mini Style

Just like soft-chew cookies, off-shoulder mini dresses can be worn at any time of the year. Also, it helps you tease a little without going overboard, and who doesn’t like a little tease, right? So, if you are ready to bring some hotness to this fall, we recommend you opt for STYLE 88066

4. The Off-shoulder Maxi Style

Now, we are venturing into the formal event category with fall maxi dresses. While the mini dresses are ideal for casual times, off shoulder long dresses will have people falling over for you this fall. We recommend you go with STYLE 88132.

5. A-line for the Win 

Well, let’s just say you are invited to a place where you need to make a statement. Nothing beats the presence of a well-designed A-line dress. Of course, it’ll be a little cold, so you can opt for fall maxi dresses. Moreover, if you choose a dress like STYLE 88147, you don’t even have to worry about additional accessories. 

6. Become a Mermaid

This fall, dive deep into the ocean of fashion with long mermaid dresses. Unlike the A-line dresses, we recommend you add a cardigan to create a unique winter look. Moreover, it’ll keep you warm. Have a look at STYLE 88137. 

7. High-Slit Fashion 

Remember how we mentioned that you don’t have to wax? Well, high-slits will have you waxing one leg. But hey! That’s the price we pay for fashion. Now, if you pair these dresses with boots and a small cardigan, you’ll create an amazing look! Complete for wardrobe with STYLE 88140.

Make Fall Fashionable 

There you have it, beautiful. These seven fall dresses are a must-have for your wardrobe. All we have is one question for you. 

When are you getting them?

Happy styling!