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Jewel Tones and Sparkling Accessories For Your Ball Gown

Jewel Tones and Sparkling Accessories For Your Ball Gown

Hey Fabulous Beauties!

Did you get an invitation to the most happening event in the town? Great! 

Whether the event is about getting ready for the prom, glamorous gala event, or fancy wedding, get ready to create an absolutely magical look that surely turns heads with your stunning appearance. 

Though there might be several outfits that will surely create those magical moments, but guess what? Nothing can glorify your look like a fancy ball gown!

Yes, girls, you have read it right!

It’s like slipping into an outfit that feels like royalty. I mean, how can anyone resist the full skirts that twirl with every step you take, the beautiful intricate design, and the luxurious fabric that feels like a heavenly soft touch?

And, and, and…..wait a minute! What if your ball gown is in jewel tones? Divinely Magical!

These rich, vibrant colors like emerald, sapphire, and ruby are the best choice for an ultimate stunning and timeless look. Also, these are not only elegant but have an incredible way of complementing different skin tones.

And you can accessorize these colors like a pro!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of jewel-tone ball gowns and learn how to glam up their game with different accessories. 

Let’s get started!

Jewel Tones: A Classic Choice for Your Ball Gowns

Basically, jewel tones are rich, vibrant colors that remind of precious gemstones. 

But do you know why they are called jewel tones? Because these are the colors that you would see in a jewelry box filled with different gemstone accessories. 

They aren’t your everyday pastels or nude! They’re classy, eye-catching, and bold, and they look both classy and glamorous. These colors are super flattering and bring out the best features of any girl. They are pure luxury and give the perfect contrasting effect in the pictures.  And that’s why these bold hues are perfect for creating endless memories with your beautiful look in ball gowns. 

Now, let’s have a look at some amazing styling ways to amplify your jewel-tone ball gowns. 

Jewel Tone Elegance: Styling Like a Pro!

The Emerald Glamor

Girl, just imagine the deep, lush green hue of a thick forest or the shimmering hue of a perfectly cut emerald gemstone. Isn’t it stunning, right? Well, that’s how the jewel-tone emerald color creates its magic!

And how can you ignore the depth and intensity it creates? Wearing an emerald dress instantly adds a touch of sophistication to your look. The coolest part is that you can elevate its look with some show-stunner accessories. Yes, girl, you read it right! Accessorizing the emerald jewel tone color is like adding the cherry on top, enhancing the beauty and spark of this mesmerizing hue. 

For that, I have mentioned some of the accessories below that perfectly complement the emerald hue.  But before reading about these, let’s take a look at the stunning emerald ball gown we’ve selected for you. 

Want to spice up things with your show-stopper look? Pretty Moment’s AMARRA Style 54260 is the perfect emerald jewel-tone fall gown for all your dreamy events!

Now, let’s take a look at some accessories for the best look. 

  1. Silver Clutch: The glittery sparkle of a silver clutch adds just the right amount of bling without overpowering that gorgeous green dress. It’s eye-catching and stylish and gives you that perfect pop of shine whenever you need to grab your essentials. 
  2. White Heels with Silver Straps: These beauties are not just about looking good but creating an overall stunning silhouette. The silver ties in beautifully with the clutch, while the white adds a nice contrast that makes the outfit look fresh and chic. 
  3. Emerald Pendant: An emerald pendant against an emerald gown creates this seamless, elegant look that’s to die for.

The Amethyst Purple Beauty

A ball gown in this beautiful shade is like being picked up from some royal palace. It has that luxurious, opulent vibe for all the unforgettable memories of any event. Also, it beautifully flatters all skin tones. 

Whether you’ve got fair skin, a deep complexion, or anything in between, purple has this magical way of enhancing your natural beauty. It adds a warm glow to your skin and makes your features pop.

  1. Sleek Brown Purse: This will perfectly complement the sophistication of your stylish ball gown in the shade of purple. It adds the earthy elegance, making you look like a diva. 
  2. Embellished Heels: These beauties are all about that extra sparkle and glam. They add a touch of dazzle to your outfit without stealing the spotlight. The embellishments catch the light as you move, making sure your every step is noticed. 
  3. Pearl Necklace: Pearls are timeless and classy, bringing a lovely contrast to the bold purple color of your dress.

The Ruby Luxury

How about dressing yourself in a color that perfectly matches the juicy cherry or a glass of fine wine? Great, right? Well, that’s the essence of ruby jewel tone!

It’s that bold and vibrant shade of red that instantly grabs the attention, creating all the luxurious vibes. 

Being associated with confidence, passion, and elegance, this amazing hue brings out a warm glow to fair skin and looks absolutely radiant on deeper complexions. It just makes you feel and look fabulous. 

And how about bringing those luxurious vibes to your wardrobe? Isn’t it amazing, right?

Well, for that, we have selected a glamorous ball gown for you. Let’s have a look!

Elevate your style and become the ultimate queen of any festivity with Pretty Moment’s AMARRA Style 54257 glittery tulle ball gown in wine shade, beautifully curated to make you feel the best. 

  1. Black Purse: A tine sleek purse will not only hold all your essentials but also add a spark to your look. It adds a nice contrast to the bold red of the gown, making the whole look feel more sophisticated. 
  2. Black High heels: They’re perfect for elongating your legs and giving you that graceful look. 
  3. Diamond Necklace: This is the ultimate accessory to add sparkle to your ensemble. 

The Sapphire Blue Elegance

This shade isn’t just any ordinary blue; it's that deep, enchanting sapphire shade that makes you think of starry nights and endless oceans. It is so vibrant that it feels like someone has taken a precious gem's essence and turned it into a beautiful fabric. 

Now, let’s take a look at some beautiful accessories to highlight the beauty of sapphire blue jewel tone ball gown.

  1. Grey Faux Fur Purse: This is not just an ordinary purse; it is cozy and stylish and adds an unexpected touch of texture to your outfit.
  2. Sapphire Earrings: They catch the light like little pieces of the ocean, sparkling and mesmerizing. They are the perfect way to elegantly draw attention to your natural beauty. 
  3. Blue Block Heels: These stunners will perfectly match your blue gown. Also, they are so comfortable that you can dance and make other movements comfortably throughout your celebrations. 

Get Ready to Glam Up Your Jewel Tone Gowns!

So, here’s a summary of jewel tones and sparkling accessories for your ball gown. They’re like the ultimate combo for turning heads and feeling like a total star. 

Whether you're rocking a rich emerald, a deep sapphire, or a vibrant ruby, these jewel tones bring drama and flair to your look. 

And when you add sparkling accessories like diamond necklaces, sapphire earrings, or even a glittering clutch, it's like you've just leveled up your glam game. 

So, cheer up and glam it up, babe!