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White Dresses for Prom, Homecoming, and More

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White Prom & Homecoming Dresses | Pretty Moment

White dresses are absolutely not just for blushing brides—wearing a white dress to prom, or homecoming is unexpected and will keep your friends guessing. Even though people don't usually associate the color white with prom dresses, the shade makes an unforgettable and very elegant prom style. Whether the color is featured on an edgy two-piece homecoming dress or a sexy mermaid silhouette, it's versatile and should never be counted out when picking a dress for your big night. But, despite not being the obvious choice, a white gown might just be the best. Browse white-hot prom dresses from Pretty Moment's collection.

White dresses are perfect for any occasion, except when you're attending a wedding. They can be worn during all seasons and make an attractive option for winter wonderland events in December. Because the color white doesn't absorb the sun's rays, it's also a popular hue for events that take place in the summer.

If you've been searching for a white dress for the summertime, consider a two-piece dress made with breathable, airy fabric. However, if you need a dress for the holiday season, opt for a tight silhouette that showcases your curves, pairing it with chunky gold or silver accessories. Adding shimmering and sparkling jewelry to your white dress is an easy way to dial up the glamor for any event.

Like black and navy, white doesn't come in many shades. If anything, you'll notice pure, snowy white and an off-white hue. Off-white dresses tend to look better on those with a pale complexion, whereas pure white looks are striking on fashionistas with olive and darker skin tones.

Depending on the dress code for the event, white dresses look great with white, champagne, silver, nude, and blush heels. But if you're a risk taker, you can certainly add a pop of color, as virtually any shade of heels can match with a white dress. Another way to add some color to an otherwise white look is by wearing red lips or pink eye shadow. With a white prom dress, you are really a blank canvas ready to be turned into a gorgeous masterpiece.