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Style Guide for Off-Shoulder Dresses

Style Guide for Off-Shoulder Dresses

What’s common in the dressing style of a traditional lady, the modern chic, or anarchist girl? Off-shoulder dresses! 

It does not matter the era, trend, or occasion, these are always in style. Both off-shoulder and single-shoulder dress styles have consistently been regarded as romantic and sexy. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that such tops and gowns are once again coming back in style. We mean, you can itch your shoulder in these without looking awkward. How amazing is that?

Now, before you rush out to pick your favorite tops or dresses, there are certain things you should consider. What are these things? Styling tips! 

So, let’s strip off your shoulders and create your amazing look!

Choosing the Right Style for Your Body Style

Not all of us look like models and that’s PERFECT because we are humans after all. It is our unique shapes that make us amazing. 

Now, as we see it, either you are petite or either you are plus size. So let’s see the best approach for both. 


We know that you have experienced something known as the clothing burden. In this, clothes are either too big or too loose, and you feel like they’re just thrown on top of you weighing you down. 

So, if you want to look best in an off-shoulder style, we recommend you opt for something light. A short dress will do wonders for you. Also, a HUGE advantage you have is that long off-shoulder tops can basically act as short dresses for you. A win-win situation, in our opinion. 

Short, light, and single off shoulder. Style 88671 checks all the boxes for you, girl. 

Plus Size

First, the people who say, “Oh plus size girls shouldn’t wear off-shoulder or single-shoulder dresses,” they can shut it. 

For the curvy girls out there, flowy dresses are the ideal choice. You also want to avoid dresses with excessive fabric on the waistline. These will look amazing on you!

Look this dress! Just look at it! Style 88665 is your ideal choice. 

Styling Tips for Off Shoulder Dresses

Are you ready to unlock the secret to look your best with your shoulders in the breeze? Of course, you are! Let’s get into it. 

Hair Down, Style Up 

Now, the general understanding with these types of dresses is that you should have your hair up. However, let us ask you this: since when has let your hair down looked bad? NEVER! 

So, go ahead and drop those hair down like your favorite DJ drops the bass. But we will say try to avoid straightening your hair, as it’ll give you a Morticia Addams look (unless you're into it). 

State Your Presence with Statement Jewelry 

Give your admirers something to look at (apart from your beauty of course). Wear your most in-the-face statement jewelry to tell everyone you’ve arrived. Don’t just become the highlight of the night, become THE LIGHT of the night. 

Need a Belt?

Yes, we are rocking strapless dresses but who says you cannot strap your waistline with a sleek belt? This is an age-old trick to create a break in your outfit (and by age-old we mean like a decade old). 

Long Earrings

While you can rock any type of earrings with this style, we recommend you opt for dangling ones. Why? Because those go exceptionally well with off-shoulder tops. 


Bracelets? More like Brace Yourself! This is what you should be saying to others because you’ll be looking so stunning they’ll need a minute to stabilize. We only recommend bracelets with sleeveless or one-sleeve dresses. But girl, do they look amazing!

In the Bag

Sweetheart, aren’t you forgetting something? That’s right! Your handbag. If you are rocking a short dress then go with a long shoulder bag and if you are going with a long dress, a clutch will be your best friend!

Choosing the Right Strapless Bra 

Wait… you didn’t think you’d go braless did you? We mean you can if you are feeling adventurous but still it’s worth knowing what’s the right type of strapless bra for this style.  

The answer to this is none and all. Hear us out. 

Depending on the shape and size of your breasts, you may need to wear different styles of bra. Sometimes, you’ll feel it is too tight, and other times, you’ll feel it won’t even fill the cup at the top.

So, what to do? Give it time. Experiment with different sizes and styles to pick one that feels comfortable and right. 

How to stop the dress from riding up the shoulders?

We truly wish we had a miracle for this, but sadly, it isn’t possible. 

With that said, you can still try this one trick to reduce it to some extent. So, what’s the trick? Elastics! 

You see, if the elastic of your top is too tight, it’ll automatically try to close itself, resulting in that awful riding up. Just loosening the elastic a little bit to fit you just right can help with this. 

Now, don’t just go out there loosening all the dresses because if the top is too loose it’ll just keep falling down. 

Your Shoulder Your Way

Ultimately, dressing a certain way is your call. You can either pick a statement jewelry with your single-shoulder dress or grab the most stunning handbag with your off-shoulder summer dress. 
Remember, these tips are not to restrict your style or approach. These are just to help you style better and look even better. So, go out and start experimenting!

Happy styling!