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Prom Planning: How much will attending Prom cost?

Prom Planning: How much will attending Prom cost?

Prom season will be here before you know it. A lot goes into the big night. By planning ahead for your special event, you can enjoy the night of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Budgeting For Prom
It’s important to consider your overall prom wish list before you start swiping the credit card. Your first step in planning your expenses is to set a budget. Consider how much you are willing to spend and prioritize your list. By looking at the big picture first, you can get a better idea of where to splurge and where to cut corners to stay on budget.

How Much Will Prom Cost?
Since prom costs can quickly add up, decide early which purchases are most important. Here’s a list of potential expenses.

The Gown
The price for prom dresses varies widely. Gowns range from $300 to $800 and, in extreme circumstances, can even cost more. On top of the actual dress purchase, you will also want to plan for alterations to ensure the dress fits perfectly. Alterations generally range from $25-$300 depending on the extensiveness of the changes.

The Tux
Generally, gentleman rent tuxes for prom. The cost of tux rental averages around $140. This all-inclusive expense usually encompasses a shirt, tie, vest, cummerbund, and shoes. Since everyone will be searching for a tux around the same timeframe, make your selection early to ensure the store has the sizes and colors you prefer.

Of course, you could choose a more non-traditional look for prom and purchase a suit instead of renting a tux. The cost will likely be similar, and you’ll get to reuse your suit for future formal occasions.

Maybe you already own the perfect shoes. This could be a way to save on expenses. But if you decide to purchase shoes, the price can start at $25 and go up to a few hundred dollars, depending on your designer preferences.

Finish your look with something that sparkles. Jewelry can add a wow factor to any outfit. If you’re not purchasing fine jewelry, you can usually keep the expenses between $25 and $100. Ladies may also need a clutch for the perfect evening look. Prices for clutches start as low as $10.

Another option to cut expenses is to take a vehicle you own as your prom transportation. But, if you want to roll up in style, a limo is always a classic option. Limo services usually have a four-hour minimum, plus driver tips. Base prices generally begin at $400, but you can share the ride with friends and split the expenses.

Prom Tickets
Your school will set the prom ticket price, and it varies widely among schools. So, it’s best to inquire with the prom committee to know the exact cost.

On average, a good sit-down meal can run $50 per person, depending on the restaurant. Since you’ll need to make reservations, you have time to check menu prices.

Alternatively, you could choose a more budget-friendly option. Who says you can’t enjoy your favorite dive restaurant or fast food in a fancy dress?

Make plans for those corsages and boutonnieres. Prices start at about $15 and can go up to $75, depending on your flower selections.

Beauty Services
You can save money by doing your own nails, hair, and makeup. But if you decide to hire professional services, the prices can vary greatly. Nails are usually $30-$50. Makeup is around $100. And hair can range from $75-$200. Shop around to find the price and style options you prefer.

Don’t forget photos. Generally, a professional photographer will be at prom, so you can capture the night’s magic with a lifetime keepsake photo. Packages are often around $50.

Planning a Timeline for Prom Costs
Prom expenses can be more manageable if you set a timeline that allows you to save and make purchases in increments. Consider the following.

4 Months Out

  • Purchase Prom Tickets
  • Book Transportation
  • Buy the Dress

2 – 3 Months Out

  • Get Dress Alterations
  • Make Dinner Reservations
  • Book Beauty Appointments
  • Rent the Tux
  • Buy Accessories

1 Month Out

  • Order Flowers
  • Begin a Skincare Regimen

Week Of

  • Get Nails Done
  • Finalize Dress Alterations
  • Pick Up the Tux

Day Of

  • Get Hair & Makeup Done
  • Dress Up
  • Take Photos
  • Have Fun

A Priceless Experience
Now you’re set! No matter where you allocate your expenses, prom 2023 will be a night you’ll never forget. Start planning early and set your budget to minimize stress and maximize your fun!