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Hair & Makeup Inspiration for a Flawless Cocktail Night Out

Hair & Makeup Inspiration for a Flawless Cocktail Night Out

“Oh, I have to attend a cocktail party next month, so finally, I should order the dress I have kept on my wishlist for a long time. But what makeup will look good on me? Should I go for a soft glam or a glittery one? Also, should I get those beach waves, or will a high ponytail with the outfit? I don't know; I am very confused!”

Hello Ladies!

So, you’ve got that glamorous cocktail party coming up next month? Great!

Now, you must be wondering about the lines I wrote at the beginning of this guide. Well, these lines are nothing but your thoughts, which are boggling in your mind to get the most glamorous look for the cocktail night out. 

Ofcourse, why not? After all, who doesn't want to grab the spotlight? (for good reasons, obvious!)

And to help you with that, I have created an amazing guide to hair and makeup inspiration for cocktail night.

From soft glam look to old Hollywood hairstyle, I have explained everything you need to get the ultimate diva look for the occasion. 

So, grab your coffee and snacks as I am taking you on a ride to the world of amazing hair and makeup ideas that perfectly complement your cocktail party dresses.

Read now to enjoy the ride ;)

Top 3 Looks: Hair, Makeup, Dress, and Beyond…

Pretty in Pink: Soft Glam Magic

    How About Something in Pink? 

    Girls, let’s agree that most of us love to adore ourselves in the color pink. So, why not opt for this beautiful shade for your outfit for a glam night? 

    Also, the color pink comes in a wide range of shades, from soft pastels to bright fuchsia, complementing all skin tones and types. 

    Here is a pink dress we have picked for you…

    If this dress got your attention, you’ve got a great taste! If you want to rock this look, head to Pretty Moment’s AMARRA Style 94282 B

    If you want to add spark to your dress, here’s a sneak peek at the kind of makeup and hairstyle that will complement it. 

    The Soft Glam Makeup You Will Love

      Girls, if you’re thinking of creating a radiant and natural vibe, trust me, nothing can match the glam of soft makeup. I mean, just imagine your skin is looking all fresh and dewy, as if you have just woken up with an extra polish and glow on your face. Isn’t it amazing? 

      Well, that’s the beauty of a soft glam makeup look! And to get this, all you need is a lightweight foundation or a BB cream matching your skin color. But before all that, apply a good moisturizer to get a smooth base. Afterwards, go for a brown eyeliner, brown eyeshadow, or a pink one. Now, apply a few swipes of mascara, a soft pink blush, and a nude lip shade to complete the look. 

      The Beach Wave Hairstyle to Slay

        To add oomph to your hair, a beach wave hairstyle would be the perfect choice. It’s like making your hair look fuller and more textured, adding more volume and sassiness. Also, it would perfectly complement your pink dress!

        The Orange Radiance: Peachy Monochrome

          Let’s Slay in Orange

          Are you thinking of adoring something vibrant and fun? Well, an orange colored dress would be perfect for you!

          It will make you feel confident and empowered and help you to present your personality in the best possible way. Also, this amazing color pops up automatically while clicking the pictures. 

          Whether you’re clicking a group picture or a selfie, this shade will make your skin glow like no other. 

          Here is the orange mini cocktail dress we have picked for you…

          Beautifully curated with a sequin design, this AMARRA Style 88673 mini cocktail dress from Pretty Moment will surely doll you up for the glam night. 

          Here is the makeup and hairstyle to elevate the spark of this dress. 

          The Sassy Peachy Monochrome Look

          Girls, how about bringing out the natural warmth in your skin with a healthy and vibrant look that gives your facial features a cohesive look and brings an effortless glow to your skin? 

          Well, for all that, start with your usual foundation and concealer routine to ensure that your skin looks flawless and even. After that, grab a peach blush, apply it to your cheeks, and blend it towards the temples for a natural look. For your eyes, use a peach eyeshadow all over your lids and blend it into the crease for some depth. 

          Line your eyes with soft brown eyeliner for subtle definition, and finish with a few coats of mascara. Pick a peachy lipstick or gloss for your lips to keep the monochrome vibe going. 

          Finally, dust a peach-toned highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and cupid's bow for a gorgeous glow. There you go, a peachy monochrome look that’s fresh and perfect for any occasion.

          The New Twist with Side Curls

          By sweeping your curls to one side, you can create a soft, romantic look that accentuates your facial features. This style can highlight your cheekbones and jawline, giving your face a more defined and flattering shape. 

          Blue Bliss: The Sexy Smokey Look

            The Soothing Effect of Blue 

            Let’s give off serene and calming vibes with the perfect shade of blue for your cocktail. It’s a timeless, classic choice that can never go out of style. 

            Additionally, this beautiful shade pops out without being too loud, so you'll look great in your pictures. 

            Here is a blue ball gown we have picked for you…

            Adorned with three-dimensional floral appliques, this glitter tulle AMARRA Style 88727 ball gown in the shade of royal blue will surely captivate the spotlight.  

            For the final look, smokey makeup and an old Hollywood hairstyle will complement your trendy cocktail dress. 

            The Enchanting Smokey Eyes

            This dramatic, sultry vibe will instantly take your look to the next level. One of the coolest things about smokey eyes is their versatility; you can go for a lighter, more subtle version for daytime and then amp it up with darker shades for a night out. Also, you’re not limited to black or grey; you can experiment with browns, purples, greens, and even blues to match your outfit or eye color. 

            To get this look, start with an eye primer, then apply a light base color all over your lid. Blend a medium brown shade into your crease. 

            Add a dark shade to the outer corner and blend well. Pop a shimmery color in the center of your lid. Highlight your brow bone and inner corners with a light shade. Line your upper lash line with dark eyeliner and smudge it a bit. Finish with lots of mascara. 

            Clean up any fallout, and you're done!

            Classic Hollywood Curls 

            Imagine yourself with those sleek waves and soft curls that make you feel like a star coming straight out of a black-and-white movie. It’s all about bringing back the glamor of Marilyn Monroe. 

            Also, this amazing hairstyle works for all hair lengths, so any girl can get that Hollywood glow-up!

            Ready to Rock?

            To wrap it up, pair a soft glam look with beach waves for a flawless cocktail night out and pair it with a pink-colored outfit. To add a peachy glow, pair a monochrome look with side curls and an orange dress. Alternatively, you can choose the smokey eye look and old Hollywood style and match it with your blue dress. 

            With all these three trending looks, you’ll surely turn heads all night. 

            Have fun and enjoy your night!